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Lab Members

Sarit Avrani (2).jpg
Dr. Sarit Avrani
Principal Investigator

Interested in phage-host interactions and their affect on the evolution of phage and host, as well as the impact these interactions have on the environment.

Eti Cattan-Tsaushu (1).jpg
Dr. Eti Cattan-Tsaushu
Lab manager

Eti (among other things) identifies and isolates new phages, investigats the coevolutionary phage training, and studies the lysogenic cycle of phages.

Ke Li (1).jpg
Ke Li
PhD student

Ke studies the eco-evolutionary dynamics of the microbial populations in the Dead Sea sinkhole pools. This project combines fieldwork, molecular biology, and bioinformatics.

הודא (1).jpg
Hoda Madi
MSc student

Hoda studies the factors that affect phage decision whether to enter a lytic or a lysogenic infection cycle. This project combines molecular biology, and bioinformatics. 

Michal Veprik (1).jpg
Michal Veprik
MSc student

Michal studies the complex interactions between the cyanobacteria, their phages, and the heterotrophic bacteria that coexist with them.

YAARA (1).jpg
Yara Nwatha
MSc student

Yara studies the factors that drive prophage excision from cyanobacteria genomes in lab and field. This project combines fieldwork, molecular biology, and bioinformatics.

Esraa Yasin
Undergraduate student

Undergraduate student project.

Dikla Kolan (1).jpg
Dr. Dikla Kolan
PhD student
Soaad Abo-elhija (1).jpg
Dr. Soaad Abo-elhija Lab technician
Emanuelle Laloum (1).jpg
Emanuelle Laloum
MSc student
Maimona Higaze (1).jpg
Maimona Higaze
MSc student
Tzipi Perez (1).jpg
Tzipi Perez
MSc student
Hanaa Shaalan (1).jpg
Hanaa Shaalan
Undergraduate student
Naden Hateb (1).jpg
Naden Khateb
Undergraduate student
Nora Abu-Rumi (1).jpg
Nora Abu-rumi
Undergraduate student
Rabiaa (1).jpg
Rabiaa Fared
Undergraduate student
Raya Dauf (1).jpg
Raya Dauf
Undergraduate student

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